Coffee Offices
Address: 1900 West Winton Ave, Hayward, CA 94545
Phone: (510) 782-7900
Fax: (510) 782-7901
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Address: 1800 Merced St, San Leandro, CA 94577
Phone: (510) 352-1910
Fax: (510) 352-1980
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LA Coffee Office
Address: 18924 S. Laurel Park Drive - Suite H,
Rancho Dominguez,
CA 90220
Phone: (310) 604-1664
Fax: (310) 604-1674
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“For the past twenty years Paragon Coffee Trading Company L.P. has been at the top of the Coffee industry in providing service to it's customers. We rely on our warehouses to hold themselves to the same standards that we hold ourselves. That's why we use East Bay Logistics.”
Rich Palombo
Paragon Coffee Trading Company L.P.
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EBL Coffee and EBL Coffee LA coordinates the supply chain needs of large coffee roasters including Apffels, Bay Area Coffee, Farmer Brothers and Gavina from port to their roasting facilities. In addition, we provide service to importers of green coffee from origin countries and to small specialty coffee roasters throughout California. Our goal is to receive and post inventory in 24 hours to help our customers improve their cash flow and flexibility.

Both facilities have organic certifications with separate space for organic coffee storage and have ongoing pest control management. EBL coordinates seamless flow of product from port to roasting plants by coordinating with drayage companies, importers, customs and warehouse staff.

Vendor Managed Inventory programs for large roasting companies and online inventory look-up access to all storage clients is coming in the first quarter of 2012.

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